Budget Committee


  • Chairperson - Bill Smith
  • Vice Chairperson - Wendy Barker
  • Ryan Founier
  • Bob Malo
  • Peter Torosian
  • Bob Worden

Meeting Schedule

  • The Budget Committee meets Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm at the Town Hall during Budget Season (September through January) - See Government Calendar for Schedule
  • Live coverage on ACTV-20 at 7:30 pm

  • Click here to view the current 2019/2020 Budget Schedule and Liaisons

Contact Information

  • By Email
  • By Mail
    • Budget Committee, Town Of Atkinson NH, 21 Academy Avenue, Atkinson, NH 03811

Available Forms and Documents


  • *Meeting minutes not provided on this website may be requested and obtained at the Town Hall.
  •   For archived minutes click here.

    • 2019 - 20 Budget Season Meeting Minutes   
    • 2018 - 19 Budget Season Meeting Minutes   
    • 2017 - 18 Budget Season Meeting Minutes   
    • 2016 - 17 Budget Season Meeting Minutes   
    • 2015 - 16 Budget Season Meeting Minutes   

Useful Links


  • Q - What is the 10% rule?
    • A - The 10% rule states that the total amount appropriated at any annual meeting shall not exceed by more than 10% the total amount recommended by the budget committee for such meeting. The 10% number is based upon the budget committee's recommended operating budget along with any warrant articles recommended by the budget committee. See RSA 32:18.
  • Q - Why doesn't the budget committee vote their recommendations on all warrant articles?
    • A - The budget committee only votes on warrant articles that have appropriations attached to them. See RSA 32:5
  • Q - Can I amend a warrant article that does not have appropriations in order to add appropriations at town meeting?
    • A - No. All warrant articles that require appropriations must be discussed at the public hearing prior to deliberative session. See RSA 32:5
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