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  • ACTV-20 provides a Community Bulletin Board for individuals and organizations to inform the public of its activities. For more efficient service, please submit your request at least ten (10) business days before you wish to see it on ACTV-20's Bulletin Board.

  • ACTV-20 reserves the right to edit the content of any bulletin board request to fit the space requirements of bulletin board pages. ACTV-20 reserves the right to limit the amount of time an announcement may run in order to accommodate as many requests as possible. ACTV-20 will make every attempt to air announcements for at least one (1) week prior to the date of the announced event or service.

  • For tips on creating creating your own slides to submit, please review the Slide Creation Tips (pdf) document.

  • Advertising material promoting the sale of commercial products and services and political announcements by or on the behalf of any announced political candidate, party, or ballot measure are prohibited.

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